Workbay LLC Selected for Unreasonable FUTURE

A First Annual Initiative to Help Redesign Workplaces of Tomorrow

Workbay LLC will join 15 additional ventures from around the world in a multi-year collaboration to help align the future of work with social equity.


MEMPHIS, Tuesday, March 12, 2019 – After a rigorous selection process involving hundreds of companies across the globe, Workbay LLC has been selected to join 15 growth-stage ventures in the initial Unreasonable FUTURE program. Unreasonable FUTURE is a bold multi-year initiative that will bring together disruptive innovators and entrepreneurs to design a future in which people and technology work side-by-side to solve workplace challenges and unlock human potential everywhere.

The first annual  cohort of ventures will include companies creating the future of learning and up-skilling, so underserved youth and those whose jobs are being replaced by technology will find pathways to new opportunities in the digital era. The portfolio also includes entrepreneurs using disruptive technologies to maximize human potential in the workplace of tomorrow. By bringing them together, the goal is to rewrite the narrative of what it means for all humans to thrive in a new, more equitable economy.

Workbay is a tool designed to solve the problem of people without jobs and jobs without people. In the US there are 8.7 million people who are unemployed, yet there are 5 million jobs that remain unfilled, with employers stating that they cannot find appropriately skilled workers. Workbay is designed to make it easy and accessible for the entire workforce ecosystem, especially low-income and low-skilled individuals, to build skills and find jobs with longevity, purpose and prosperity in the new economy. Currently operating initiatives in Memphis, Nashville, Huntsville, New York, Niagara, Nairobi and more, Workbay’s economic development clients have won over $22M in funding programs that utilize their system to build community pipelines of high-potential candidates for targeted workforce and to promote career pathway initiatives.

“Unreasonable FUTURE is bringing together a hand-picked portfolio of entrepreneurs leveraging advanced technologies to ensure future generations thrive in the new economy,” Daniel Epstein, founder and CEO of Unreasonable Group said. “It’s an honor to have the opportunity to support these outstanding ventures to help design a future that will work for everyone.”

“Every day we focus on the needs of the communities we serve, making sure that our technology is effectively connecting local opportunities and resources,” says Mary Hayes, CEO of Workbay,  “Unreasonable Future invites us to join in a globally-minded dialogue to discover best practices, and a wealth of new resources and relationships. The connections we have made are already inspiring us, and our clients are thrilled for us to share their stories with them!”

The first Unreasonable FUTURE program will take place from March 27 – April 7, at a private venue outside of San Jose, California. A full list of ventures, mentors, and specialists participating in Unreasonable FUTURE can be found here. Additional details about the partnership and program can be found on the website.

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