Workbay Featured in Reimagining Paths to Employment

Workbay LLC is very excited to be featured in “Reimagining Paths to Employment: A Toolkit For The Future Of Work“!

Here’s a description of the toolkit from Holly Branson, which is featured on the Virgin Website:

“The world of work is changing at a rapid pace and it’s more important than ever that we maintain a people-first approach to business.

As the rise of A.I. and technology advancements create an ever larger skills gap, one of the first areas a business needs to address is recruitment. It is in the best interest of all businesses to actively work with educators and governments to develop the skills that will be needed to succeed in the future.

To address this, 100% Human at Work have created a very useful, practical toolkit to help businesses look ahead and reimagine the paths to employment. Specifically, the toolkit looks at two important questions:

1. How do we find and engage with the people we need for the future and change in a way that serves humanity and the world?

2. How does this connect to the future of education and what is the role business can play in shaping the skills we need for the future?”

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You can download the toolkit here!

Here’s a preview of our slide: